What's included in Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness is about you! We tailor a financial plan based on your financial needs & goals in life, followed by monthly coaching to support you in making that plan come to life!

Budgeting + Spending + Lifestyle​

Goal Setting

Debt Management

Buying A Home

Employee Benefits


Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Strategies

College Planning

Increasing Net Worth

Increasing Cashflow & Income Streams

You will also get access to our...

  •  TDAmeritrade Institutional Investments  (usually lower fees than retail investors)

  • Other TDAmeritrade client services & perks

  • RightCapital Financial Planning App​

  • The Lamb FP Templates & Financial Planning Forms

  • The Lamb FP Legal Forms

Financial Wellness Planning? How does it work & how much does it cost?

Financial Wellness Planning is a 2-part service, First we create The Financial Plan. Which consists of 4 session for us to get a holistic understanding of your financials, goals, & values. This way we can create a personalized strategy based on your needs & goals. After completing The Financial plan, we move into phase 2. 

...Which is 3 Months of Financial Coaching, included with the purchase of The Financial Plan, this will provide you with advisor support to help you put the financial plan into action!

The Financial Plan Cost: 997 

Phase 1: The Financial Plan


Discovery Session

In our first session we get to know you better to understanding what  are your financial concerns and goals. 


Data Gathering Session

We will collect your financials and go over your lifestyle, values,  passions & goals.


Strategy Session

We present a strategy that will help you build wealth & lower financial risks. All while enjoying the lifestyle that you desire.


Action Session

A review of thoughts on step 3 and commitment. Implementation of financial advice and outline of next steps.

Phase 2: Financial Coaching (3-Months)

Phase 2: Financial Coaching

(1st Month FREE with purchase of plan)

What it Includes:

  • Up to 2- 30 min coaching calls (advisor initiated) or emergency calls (client initiated). 

  • Unlimited email and text Advisor Support

  • Monthly Coaching Review on RightCapital

  • Monthly Investment Review on TDAmeritrade (if we are providing investment management services) or client's institution of choice.

  • Monthly Financial Snapshot

  • Access to TDAmeritrade Client Resources

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