We are a boutique-financial planning firm located in Sugar Land,TX.

We do comprehensive financial planning for young professionals that are seeking a growth & income strategy.


Lucio Vallarta, Founder & Financial Planner

Current Licenses: Series 65, Texas L&H Insurance

Prev. Licenses: Series 6, 63, real estate

Current Certificates: Coporate Entrepreneurship, RS Master Financial Coaching

Bachelor's In Business Administration in Finance. University of Houston

As a bambino

Raised on the poverty line by a single mother, a first-born hispanic boy not only experiences financial distress first hand, but is also expected to contribute. I started working at the prime age of 11 as a shoe-shiner at a local flea-market. Soon after, my family experienced extreme poverty, the no-money-for-food type. Now ,this isn't a sob, poor-me story. This is a story of how pain fueled me to seek the secrets to financial security, freedom, and wisdom.


In high school I worked at several fast food joints until I got an opportunity in appliance sales at an electronics store. While I was getting my finance degree at the University of Houston, I sold just about anything and everything. From fridges to cell phones, to internet, to real estate. 


Banking & Investments For The Mega Rich

After spending some time in the real estate world, I got the opportunity to go into banking. 

Little did I know that I would be a banker for the River Oaks clientele (One of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston). There I learned from the ultra-high-net-worth clients how money was REALLY supposed to be managed! What they did to get them where they were, and how it can be replicated. I was very successful with that clientele that soon I got the opportunity to go work for the biggest firm in the country (in terms of AUM as of this publishing). There I served another wealthy community in Houston, The Heights. I was good. I mean really, really good! I'm talking about investment in the millions! I became #1 in investment sales, in the market, at the young age of 23 just after completing my first year there! 


As soon as I was on top.. I quit. I learned how to make the rich, richer. However for the anything-less-than-rich public, giving them my advice and time of day was frowned upon by the firm. The firm's desired client had to have an entry-ticket with a hefty price-tag of $250,000 in investable assets.


The Birth of The Lamb

So much for wanting to help people, huh? Although I made a good living, it just wasn't my passion. My passion is bringing those principals and strategies to the everyday person that wants to eventually get to that level. To the young professional or the entrepreneur who with hard work and the right advisor on their side can get there. So..I mastered my own finances and I quit the firm. My goal was to start a new financial planning firm that was centered around helping people master their finances and learn the tricks of building wealth, not just about making the rich, richer. So THE LAMB FINANCIAL PLANNING was born. A firm with ZERO-commissions. A FIDUCIARY firm. Just a fancy word for, "by law we have to put the client's interest first". And a firm which is not just focused on getting big investments, but rather providing true financial planning to everyone that wants to master their finances, and all at a fair price.


Michael Del Monte, Financial analyst

Current Licenses: Series 65, 

Pending Certificates: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL ANALYST (in process)

Bachelor's of sciences in Economics University of Houston

His Intro to Risk & Reward

Michael is a local Houstonian, born and raised. At a young age, he began his investment career with the purchase of a lawn mower and hard work. He grew his clientele overtime and continued to invest in better equipment.

Diving into the Tech World

Fast forward a few years into his college days, Michael began working with his father’s premier IT staffing firm where he works in the entrepreneurial setting of building his book of business. Michael’s specialty included placing cybersecurity professionals with small to fortune 500 businesses.


Road to the CFA 

Michael is currently a level 2 candidate in the CFA program, and currently holds his Series 65 license. His expertise naturally relate to the tech sector and O&G.

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